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  • Beauly-Denny construction workers win strike victory

    People Power Wins Swift Victory for Striking Workers.

    by Sean Robertson.

  • Get Up Off Our Knees

     - An interview with Paul Heaton

    Paul Heaton is one of the UK ’s most successful singer-songwriters. He is now pursuing a solo career after enjoying success with The Housemartins and the Beautiful South. “The Point’s” Graeme McIver caught up with Paul on his recent tour to discuss politics, football, cycling, death threats and crisps!

  • Radical Independence

    Anti war and anti austerity activist Jonathon Shafi offers a view of the upcoming Radical Independence Conference.

  • Why we should support the Doctor's strike

    Gillian Wales makes the case for supporting the BMA strike against the Con-Dem government's attack on their pensions.


  • Curriculum for Excellence: a critique

    Begun under Labour, continued under the SNP,the Curriculum for Excellence CfE) – spun as a radical and progressive reform – continues to cause massive concern amongst teachers and parents. Teacher Liz Walker has offered to try and get her head around it for The Point in an updated article first published by Democratic Green Socialist

  • The Decline of Violence?

    Gary Fraser explores Steven Pinker's new book about the historical decline in violence

  • Prometheus: more than just another summer blockbuster?

    by Spacebound Ape

  • Reversing privatisation and PFI

    Windfall offset financing: A way forward on public ownership

    Steve Arnott

    I recently had an interesting conversation with a fellow socialist who was up visiting. We were talking about the potential for a left realignment in Scottish politics following a successful vote for independence in 2014.  We agreed that there could be a shift to the left electorally and a general pubic mood to reverse the neo-liberal policies of the last thirty five years, and that opportunities would arise to raise the key question of public ownership both in the Scottish Parliament and the wider community.

  • Greece: the establishment holds onto power but the left makes huge advances

    New Democracy victory, but struggle looms

    Irish socialist MEP Paul Murphy has been in Greece helping in the election campaign. The Point carries his post campaign blog detailing the election results, analysis and perspectives for the left in Greece.

  • Housing benefit changes to hammer working class families

    By Richard Ej

    Chronic Housing Crisis - UK Welfare Benefits slashed - Demonisation of Claimants


  • Welcome to The Point

    - the argument for independence

    Welcome to The Point, the magazine formerly called the Democratic Green Socialist (DGS). We have been offline for six months now but we are back and with a new look magazine and a new name to boot. We felt that it was time for a change. The website needed improved and DGS always felt more like the name of a political party than the name of a magazine. Yet despite the obvious changes, The Point, like the DGS, will continue to create a space where socialists and progressives can come together and share ideas.

  • The Olympics: Greed or Glory

    by Shirley Gibb

    Ambush Marketing. As someone whose choice of reading matter is a socialist/green magazine you may not be familiar with the phrase. Wikipedia defines it as:

    “ a marketing strategy wherein the advertisers associate themselves with, and therefore capitalize on, a particular event without paying any sponsorship fee.”

  • Community Food Initiatives

    Every Little Helps. Shirley Gibb looks at how people in their communities are challenging the big food industry agenda.

  • Why Bother With Nukes?

    Ross-shire activist Sean Robertson looks at the history of the nuclear industry and asks "Why Bother with Nukes?"

  • Why the Fit Can Die Young

    Health campaigners urge the Scottish Government to have a heart and introduce a proper health screening programme for youngsters involved in sport.

    By Graeme McIver.

  • European Stem Cell Patent Ban Threatens Research?

    Steve Arnott looks at the impact of the EU legal ruling banning stem cell research for commercial gain, and asks how progressives and the scientific community might now respond.

  • I'd Find the Bastards and Shoot 'em on Sight!

    Ana Dreyfuss-Quillon reviews Bruce Springsteen’s latest album, Wrecking Ball.

  • A Case for Renewable Energy Production

    by Steve Mowat

  • Venezuela leads the way

    As the Venezuelan presidential elections approach The Point reprints three articles from the Venezuela Solidarity Campaign, dealing with the current state of the polls, the new labour laws enacted, and the mass house building programme currently taking place.