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Now in The Point...      

Tommy Sheridan says come to the Hope Over Fear Event in Freedom Square

- and argues for a vote for the SNP on May 7th



"The #HopeOverFear event planned in #FreedomSquare next Saturday #April25th will attract thousands from the #YES community across Scotland. The Square will be jumping with hope and expectation...        Read More         


Changing the Argument from Anti-Working Class to Pro-Working Class

Conor Cheyne looks at one of the main challenges ahead for the future Scottish left and the need to change debates in favour of the working class

"A strong left is something which many of us crave. We have campaigned and argued for it for a very long time and there is a real hope that through the Left Project we can produce a socialist coalition which will not only help change Scottish politics but world politics. In order to achieve this we must work together, building steady relationships across the left in Scotland. This is a very difficult task in itself. Possibly the hardest task we will face throughout the entirety of the project but winning over those on the left is one thing, how do we win over those who are not?"     Read More


Vanishing Illusions

Green Party General Election candidate, radical blogger, and regular Point contributor Adrian Cruden discusses radical choices - for Dewsbury, and beyond



Anita Berber - Dancing on the Edge of a Volcano 

Anita Berber was an actress, a dancer and a poet who scandalised and challenged German morality during the unique period of Weimar Berlin in the years immediately following the trauma of The First World War. Anita seduced married women away from their husbands; punched a German boxing champion in the face and insulted the king of Yugoslavia. She was labelled as 'totally perverted' and managed to be arrested or deported from practically every country in central Europe. Anita danced naked, gambled wildly and partied like no-one before, or arguably, since with a concoction of drugs that defies belief. Mary W Craig has written extensively about the life of Anita Berber in her new book "Dancing on the Edge of a Volcano." In the following article written for The Point Mary gives us an introduction to the life of the original Berlin wild child.      Read More


Wave Power: the Quiet Nationalisation

Nick Durie on Pelamis, and the real powers needed for a renewables revolution in Scotland

"Scotland has no major operating wave power stations. Yet. As a technology wave power is in its infancy.

During the 1970s and 1980s Scotland pioneered wind turbine technology, but the UK Government's failure to support the early wind power industry meant that this early technological lead was squandered...             Read More


Remove the Royals - Why we need a Republic 

The Point continues its policy of giving young writers a stage as SSP member Daniel Yahia Mohammed gives reasons as to why it is time to dump the monarchy like so many other nations have.

"Hopeless, draining and worthless. No, that was not me describing the latest Scotland match but our tainted 'Royal' Family. Truth be told, there is nothing royal about these elitists. They drain the hard working tax payers' money, they despise democracy, they encourage feudalism and are the root of many of the problems facing this country. With thousands on the streets, with the NHS on the verge of collapse and a quarter of kids in poverty surely it is time to emit the problem? Change needs to come. I'm not advocating a Bolshevik style revolution, but you don't need to be a political analytical expert to realise what is unfolding in front of our very eyes is wrong."       Read More



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