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Arthur C Clarke - A Very Modern Odyssey

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The Eternal Dark Heart of Empire

If You Build Them, They Will Come



 In The Point this month: 

Kissing the Machine: the robot dividend and the death of want

Adrian Cruden looks at AI, UBI, their revolutionary potential...and what happens if capitalist plutocracy is left running new technology and innovation for its own class benefit.  See More.



"We may regard the Highland Clearances as mere History now. Yet the fundamental issues of land ownership, where just a few individuals, many of them based abroad (and including foreign corporations also) are able to affect the lives of thousands of Scottish people living on the land, have barely been addressed..."  argues Rob Dewar.     See More


 Grenfell: Courage and Grief, and a Desire for Justice

 Regular Point contributor and Editorial Board member Graeme McIver visited the scene of the Grenfell tragedy today to show solidarity with the victims, their families, and the working class people of the borough and of London. This is what he found.  SEE MORE


What needs to be done?  Steve Arnott puts forward some bold and hard hitting ideas to ensure a coming YES win

 “It’s time to start talking about Win Day Ref 1, rather than indyref 2; not to defocus the important questions of when, how and what critical issue(s) the indyref should be fought on, but to ensure that the most intense and calibrated focus of our movement, of every YESSER, of all pro-indy parties and none, is on understanding that when we do go to the polls again, this time Yes MUST win…”       SEE MORE


Grenfell is a monument to Tory Britain

"What will future historians say about a culture in which there is more than enough money to pay for nuclear weapons, to finance the bombing of other countries, to fund tax cuts for the rich, but not enough to provide decent housing for people whose only crime is that they happen to be poor and on low incomes?" asks John Wight    See More


Is Britain about to have its own October 'Revolution'?

“I was driving home from the station after working with the Green Party in Sheffield Central, hard fought by our former leader Natalie Bennett, fatigued from the day and apprehensive of the night ahead, when the somehow ever-calming tones of Jim Naughtie announced the BBC/Sky Exit Poll. “The Conservatives will be the largest party, but will not have a majority…”” writes Adrian Cruden.    See More


The Ghost of Michael Foot


“Yes, this is an 'I told you so' from 34 years ago. Some readers may not remember that far back, but don't worry, I'll explain. A long time ago, in what seems like a galaxy far, far away, there was a time before neoliberalism…” writes Derek Stewart Macpherson.     See More


Dialectics, Class Consciousness, and The Philosophy of Praxis

Joanne Telfer offers up two key theses of Marxism for rediscovery and discussion


 GE 2017: A Time to Rejoicesays Tommy Sheridan

"Corbyn and socialist ideas won last night. Blairism is finished. Rejoice"

                                                                             See More...


 Poem: For the children of 1917 and 2017

(Nobody Ever Said..)


                                           "Ten million voices know what is wrong

                                            Ten million solutions for putting it right

                                            And a billion eyes see encroaching night


                                            Nobody ever said it would be easy…"   READ MORE


The Biggest Oceans in the Solar System

"Reader, let me ask you a couple of simple questions," asks Steve Arnott.  "They're not trick questions – you either know the answer or you don't. I'm hoping your answer, right or wrong, can provide an instructive beginning for this short article.

1.How many planetary bodies in our solar system do we know
have free flowing salt water oceans?

2.What is the biggest free flowing salt water ocean we know of..?   Read More


If You Build them, They Will Come...

 "I wish in this piece to show the scale of the need for a massive ongoing programme of social and council house build in Scotland; and to show also why the current reliance on private landlords in the housing market is very damaging..." says Rob Dewar.  Read More.


Now Is The Time of Monsters

 Graeme McIver takes a look at the result of the American election.

"In sharp contrast to the boorish bombast and pomposity on display at the New York Hilton, across America and the world others looked on aghast and in disbelief. This was not supposed to happen. The Simpsons were joking when they portrayed a future President Trump. It was meant to be high satire not clairvoyance..."  Read More 



Why the pro-indy parties should back a Scottish Public Patenting Fund

Steve Arnott unveils a radical new policy idea to increase Scotland's Common Weal through its inventions and inovations. 


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