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       As plans get under way to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the birth of often overlooked republican and democratic revolutionary Thomas Muir - who some have labeled 'the father of Scottish Democracy, The Point republishes an updated version of Graeme McIver's look at the incredible life of Thomas Muir of Huntershill.

"This is a story that reads like a cross between a political thriller, a courtroom drama and a boys own adventure. Were it to be presented to a group of Hollywood script writers it would likely be rejected as being unbelievable..."  Read More


Argy-Bargy: Scottish Public Ownership of Scotland's Oil?

 Slippery Brown calls for Brit State theft of Scottish Oil - a final insult?

"Our oil should of course be publicly owned - but by the people of Scotland in an independent or devo max Scotland. Anything else is just continued misappropriation of a vital national asset for foreign state interests..."

Agree or disagree?



Editorial: Welcome to the new look Point

"Great events require great changes; great change requires fresh thinking from those who observe, and try to influence both events and change.


Up until now, The Point website has existed as part of our broader platform – including facebook and twitter – and has taken the form of a quarterly in depth magazine. Over two and a half years we published dozens upon dozens of articles covering a huge range of subjects from a left perspective – local and topical, international and historical, cultural, philosophical and scientific. As a non-party Scottish publication that supports ‘socialism, independence, the environment and peace’ our ‘issues’ averaged latterly over 30, 000 unique readers per issue, and our articles from a wide range of the left spectrum,  sometimes controversial, sometimes against the grain, often saw heated debate on their accompanying threads."     Read More


 Charlie Hebdo and the tendency for the rate of profit to fall


Bruce Wallace writes:

"In the wake of the massacre of Charlie Hebdo (CH) cartoonists and the four French Jewish hostages on 7th January some elements of the left displayed their complete capitulation before the black reaction of fundamentalist Islam.

Incredibly, before the victims were even in their graves, a cacophony arose from so called socialists and revolutionaries that placed the blame squarely on the dead..."   Read More


The Peoples Army - The 1915 Rent Strike

Chris Bambery looks at one of the most famous victories for the Scottish workers

"Whenever Red Clydeside, that extraordinary period of working class insurgency which lasted from 1915 to 1919, is discussed attention generally centres on male shop stewards in Glasgow's giant engineering plants and on leaders like John Maclean and Willie Gallacher. Yet the greatest victory chalked up by the working folk of Glasgow came early, and central to its success were some remarkable working class women, that was the 1915 rent strike. Long before the outbreak of the First World war the city's housing conditions were a time bomb waiting to explode. War lit that fuse."    Read More 


Micro-Point: each week in the new look Point a short rant or idea for readers to cogitate on

This Week:  Steve Arnott writes an Open Letter to SNP strategists

"The polls are still looking very good for the SNP in May, but a word of caution is necessary - or rather, three paragraphs of caution, and an urge to action.

Firstly, as the election draws nearer the intensity of the media gaze will, as it always has done for Westminster elections, focus in on 'the main parties'...  Read More



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