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How Did We Get Here and What the Hell Do We Do Now?

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The Benefits of Doubt

From Indignado to Mayoress

From Calais with Love - A First-hand Account of the Refugee Crisis

Postcapitalism - A Review



 In The Point this month:

 EDITORIALEnriching Scotland's Common weal through its inventions and                          innovations


                 Why the pro-indy parties should support a Scottish Public                               Patenting Fund.  


Rob Dewar says Never Trust a Tory...


The Power of Education

 Lewis Akers writes about something very important. Why socialists should be able and willing to learn - from events, from history and from each other. 


Teaching Tom...and Dick and Harry and Jane:

Some thoughts on Tom Hunter's BBC Education Documentary 


Overcoming the Crisis: Anti Austerity or Socialism?

"Storm clouds are gathering ominously over the world capitalist economy. The news from just about everywhere is bad..." writes Bruce Wallace      Read More


Could this be the Big Idea for Holyrood 2016? Tommy Sheridan says fight austerity, poverty and council cuts by scrapping the council tax and replacing it with an income based Scottish Service Tax



Another Green World: Adrian Cruden reviews leading eco-socialist Derek Wall's book "Economics After Capitalism: A Guide To The Ruins And A Road To The Future

"In the days before the Green Party of England & Wales decided to have a leader, we elected Principal Speakers instead. Dr Derek Wall was one of them. Now the Party's International Co-ordinator, he teaches political economy at Goldsmiths, University of London. He has emerged as a key thinker in the global ecosocialist movement – a growing body of thinking that combines socialism and ecology..."  Read More


 Scottish TUSC (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition) will be contesting seats across Scotland in May on a central policy of defiance of Tory austerity.  Sean Robertson explains why.

 “The underlying blame for austerity lies firmly at the door of the Westminster government. First the Con-Dem coalition and now the Tories have used the threat of economic hardship and the financial crash as a stick to beat the working class with, punishing the poor and middle classes for the crimes of a tiny minority of super rich individuals and corporations.”  Read More


 Solidarity: National Conference Report



Football Under Capitalism - Exploitation of a Working Class Sport: SSP Activist Martyn Smith looks at Football in the modern era

"England's top division, the Premier League, now has fifteen out of its twenty clubs owned by multi-millionaires who view their investment as nothing more than a business opportunity to increase their already sizeable Swiss bank accounts. Gratuitous sums of money spent on "world class talent" is done so in the knowledge that success on the fielding will ultimately pay dividends in returns of television rights, sponsorship, merchandise and the ability to fill stadiums to the brim with their clubs loyal supporters. In this however, is identified as the root of the substantially growing problem for club owners, what is football without the fans?"      Read More


 The Fragment on Machines: Did Marx outline a fundamental contradiction in late capitalism over 150 years ago? Part II of Steve Arnott's review of Paul Mason's Postcapitalism  (Coming Soon)

Part I Here


Max the YES: tactical voting, yes or no?

Steve Arnott of The Point takes up objections raised in

Wings Over Scotland.


"As regular readers of The Point facebook page will know, we’re rather fond of posting the occasional piece from the excellent ‘Wings Over Scotland’. The Rev. Stu’s demolitions of unionist media silliness are often a delight. Recently though, the Rev and some others have been trying to rubbish the idea of mass tactical voting for the 2016 Holyrood elections: an idea put forward by some YESSER’s which can basically be summed up as 1st vote (constituency) SNP, 2nd vote (list) Greens, Solidarity or RISE.

This position, which has been vigorously promoted by Steve Arnott of The Point, and is referred to by the Wingsmeister as the ‘Yes Alliance’ position, has inevitably led to a bit of a reaction…"   See More

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