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 New in The Point...

From Calais With Love - A First Hand Account of the Refugee Crisis

Jaz O'Hara writes of the visit to the refugee camp in Calais and speak to people there

"I've been thinking all day about how I can find the words for what we experienced yesterday. An hours drive from my house, then half an hour on the Euro-tunnel, and we were in the world's worst refugee camp in terms of resources and conditions, yet we were welcomed with open arms. It's amazing how only the people who have nothing really know how to share."    Read More


Hope Over Fear: the anniversary gathering

The Point interviews Jeff Duncan, one of the principal organisers of the up and coming Hope Over Fear Rally in Glasgow's Freedom Square on Saturday Sept 19th.  See More


Our Last Best Hope?


“No one on the Left can fail to have been heartened by the surge of support in recent weeks for Jeremy Corbyn, now the clear frontrunner for the Labour leadership...” Green activist and blogger Adrian Cruden on the rise of JC – and what happens next?  See More


Postcapitalism: a review

"Let’s cut to the chase: whatever its flaws, and whether or not it has all the answers (it doesn’t pretend to), Paul Mason’s Postcapitalism is a seminal work of Marxist theory for the 21st century..."  Steve Arnott reviews Paul Mason's book from a Marxist perspective     See More


An Open Letter to Jeremy Corbyn on Independence

"Dear Jeremy, I write to you because the time has come to repay an old favour. A very old favour indeed..."  Derek Stewart Macpherson writes to JC on an issue close to all our hearts...See More


On the Rise?


"Alongside hundreds of others I attended the launch of Rise in Glasgow on Saturday. Rise stands for 'respect', 'independence', 'socialism' and 'environmentalism'… Gary Fraser reviews the launch of RISE.  See More 


 From indignado to Mayoress by Graeme McIver


Graeme McIver looks at the rise of Ada Colau, the new radical Mayoress of Barcelona, who has moved from the Spanish occupy movement to occupying the highest civic post in the Catalan Capital.   See More.


Max the YES: tactical voting, yes or no?

Steve Arnott of The Point takes up objections raised in

Wings Over Scotland.


"As regular readers of The Point facebook page will know, we’re rather fond of posting the occasional piece from the excellent ‘Wings Over Scotland’. The Rev. Stu’s demolitions of unionist media silliness are often a delight. Recently though, the Rev and some others have been trying to rubbish the idea of mass tactical voting for the 2016 Holyrood elections: an idea put forward by some YESSER’s which can basically be summed up as 1st vote (constituency) SNP, 2nd vote (list) Greens, Solidarity or RISE.

This position, which has been vigorously promoted by Steve Arnott of The Point, and is referred to by the Wingsmeister as the ‘Yes Alliance’ position, has inevitably led to a bit of a reaction…"   See More

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