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In Praise of Beethoven

Arthur C Clarke - A Very Modern Odyssey

Tackling Private Landlords

Investigating the Value Form

The Eternal Dark Heart of Empire

If You Build Them, They Will Come



 In The Point this month:

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Local Elections 2017


You, the EU and Indyref 2: Changing the terms of the debate

Steve Arnott examines the indy/EU arguments and asks how get everyone back on the same YES bus 


The Politics of Envy?


“Like Harry Enfield’s Brummie Millionaire character, they don’t accept that £80K is more than enough for anyone, because they need to know they are “considerably richer than you”...Bill Mair argues its time for a maximum wage for council chiefs. See More     


Come to the All Scotland Demo Against the Tories


"We are calling on ALL those who support Scottish independence and ALL those who oppose Tory ideology to join us as we say unequivocally, “TORIES, TORIES, TORIES, OUT OUT OUT” on Saturday the 4th of March..." says Claire Thain. See More


Poem: For the children of 1917 and 2017

(Nobody Ever Said..)


                                           "Ten million voices know what is wrong

                                            Ten million solutions for putting it right

                                            And a billion eyes see encroaching night


                                            Nobody ever said it would be easy…"   READ MORE


Editorial: Is there a better, safer, more winnable way for indyref 2?


"The road to independence waters were muddied still further this week, with May and the Tories suggesting that they would ‘allow’ a second independence referendum only after Brexit.

Much as we may dislike it, they may have the strongest suit of cards to play legally.

Westminster remains sovereign, only the Edinburgh Agreement back in 2012 allowed the referendum of 2014 to have the force of law, and the SNP had a clear and unambiguous mandate to hold a referendum.

It would be open to the Scottish Government to challenge such an obstructive Tory decision in the courts, of course, but going to the law could be a long drawn out process, with no guarantee of success, that may drag on beyond Brexit in any case.

Fortunately, there is more than one road to a successful indyref 2 open to us..."  Read More


The Biggest Oceans in the Solar System

"Reader, let me ask you a couple of simple questions," asks Steve Arnott.  "They're not trick questions – you either know the answer or you don't. I'm hoping your answer, right or wrong, can provide an instructive beginning for this short article.

1.How many planetary bodies in our solar system do we know
have free flowing salt water oceans?

2.What is the biggest free flowing salt water ocean we know of..?   Read More


If You Build them, They Will Come...

 "I wish in this piece to show the scale of the need for a massive ongoing programme of social and council house build in Scotland; and to show also why the current reliance on private landlords in the housing market is very damaging..." says Rob Dewar.  Read More.


Now Is The Time of Monsters

 Graeme McIver takes a look at the result of the American election.

"In sharp contrast to the boorish bombast and pomposity on display at the New York Hilton, across America and the world others looked on aghast and in disbelief. This was not supposed to happen. The Simpsons were joking when they portrayed a future President Trump. It was meant to be high satire not clairvoyance..."  Read More 


Leading The Way - Highland Socialist Alliance

Conor Cheyne looks at one of the most exciting projects to hit socialism in the North

"In the Highlands something somewhat exciting is happening. A handful of activists identified a tactic which could work up here and we have gone for it. Saturday 5th November saw the first meeting of the reorganised Highland Socialist Alliance"    Read More


The Eternal Dark Heart of Empire

Adrian Cruden on the apocalypse of Belgian colonialism

"Pygmy hunter-gatherers in Cameroon have been beaten, tortured and forced off their ancestral lands to clear vast tracts of forest for a trophy-hunting company owned by the banker Benjamin de Rothschild, activists claimed yesterday..."  Read More


Solidarity has adopted a new position on the National Question

Bill Mair tells us


Beyond Brexit

"Instead of hardening its commitment to austerity, the Brexit vote has thrown the British ruling class into confusion and disarray. Policy positions held for a decade are being abandoned..." argues Bruce Wallace.  See More.


Gary Anderton says support the rail strikers! 


Tackling Private LandlordsKevin Kane with monster legal advice on taking on your private landlord in court



Why the pro-indy parties should back a Scottish Public Patenting Fund

Steve Arnott unveils a radical new policy idea to increase Scotland's Common Weal through its inventions and inovations. 


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