The Point
Issue No. 7 - Summer 2014 sky thinking for an open and diverse left

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In Point Issue No 7:


Three weeks to go Referendum appeals special

The Point marks 21 days to go till referendum day with a magnificent seven appeals to undecided voters from both rank-and-file activists and leading figures in the YES movement.

      Wed.                    John Finnie MSP

                            The Indy Girls

                            James MacKessack-Leitch, for the Greens

    Thurs.                 Tommy Sheridan, Solidarity

                            Karen Hendry

      Fri.                       Colin Fox, Scottish Socialists


       &                     Steven McBrien, National Collective

                           'Malediction upon the Naws'


Editorial:  A Victory Already Won...

Issues:     The Greatest Scam of all Time

                                                      Derek Stewart MacPherson

               The Indy Girls at T in the Park    Sharon Anderson

               Profit before People  What is neo-liberalism? 

                                                                 Conor Cheyne

               Framing the Debate                    Ashten Regan-Deham

               The Invisibles           Fighting Homelessness in Glasgow

                                                                 Dermot Hill

               Gender Balance in an Indy Parliament  Can it be done?

                                                             Liz Walker, Steve Arnott


Big Idea:     Carrying Ourselves Forward          Robin McAlpine

                  Eyes on the Prize                          Gary Fraser

          Two prominent left thinkers on the left's future post independence


History:      Dead Whales and the myth of Darien   Adrian Cruden  

                  A Historical Magnum Opus?                 Gary Fraser

                  Tom Devine's The Scottish Nation: a Modern History reviewed

                      Thomas Muir of Huntershill

                      An adventure in freedom                     Graeme McIver


International:    Surviving Gaza   Activists speak out  
                                                                         Adam Cochrane



Culture:     Campaigners - Luchd-Iomairt          John Aberdein

                     An Independence poem in Gaelic and English

                 Joyeux Noel                                   Jimmy Haddow

                 A movie antidote to World War 1 jingoism reviewed

                    Passing the Torch

                    The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists Downsized

                                     Graeme McIver Interviews Martin Chomsky



Science:    A Tribute to Neil Armstrong                    Steve Arnott 

                (...or 'where's that f*****g space elevator?')




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