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 In The Point this month:

Beyond Brexit

"Instead of hardening its commitment to austerity, the Brexit vote has thrown the British ruling class into confusion and disarray. Policy positions held for a decade are being abandoned..." argues Bruce Wallace.  See More.


Gary Anderton says support the rail strikers! 


Solidarity calls on Nicola: Name the Date!



The Great EU Debate: Left Leave and Left Remain go head to head, with contributions from Dario Argentina, John Wight, Bill Mair and Hugh Kerr


Tackling Private LandlordsKevin Kane with monster legal advice on taking on your private landlord in court


Investigating the Value FormBruce Wallace says those first three chapters of Capital aren't that daunting after all


(Catholic) Christians and Socialists - Natural Allies?

Rob Dewar argues they are and says that socialist non-believers should accord people of faith a little more respect. 



Why the pro-indy parties should back a Scottish Public Patenting Fund

Steve Arnott unveils a radic new policy idea to increase Scotland's Common Weal through its inventions and inovations. 


  Previously published articles can be found using the dedicated sections at the top of the page.

And finally...because its brilliant, because we want you to see it again, and because we want MORE WOMEN to write and contribute to The Point, here's Nathalie Cardone's brilliant power poptastic 'Commandante Che Guevara' from the nineties.


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