The Point
Issue No. 6 - Spring 2014 sky thinking for an open and diverse left

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In Point Issue No 7:


Editorial:  A Victory Already Won...

Issues:     The Greatest Scam of all Time

                                                      Derek Stewart MacPherson

               The Indy Girls at T in the Park    Sharon Anderson

               Profit before People  What is neo-liberalism? 

                                                                 Conor Cheyne

               Framing the Debate                    Ashten Regan-Deham

               The Invisibles           Fighting Homelessness in Glasgow

                                                                Dermot Hill

              Gender Balance in an Indy Parliament  Can it be done?

                                                     Liz Walker, Steve Arnott


Big Idea:     Carrying Ourselves Forward          Robin McAlpine

                  Eyes on the Prize                          Gary Fraser

          Two prominent left thinkers on the left's future post independence


History:      Dead Whales and the myth of Darien   Adrian Cruden  

                  A Historical Magnum Opus?                 Gary Fraser

                  Tom Devine's The Scottish Nation: a Modern History reviewed


Culture:     Campaigners - Luchd-Iomairt          John Aberdein

                     An Independence poem in Gaelic and English

                 Joyeux Noel                                   Jimmy Haddow

                 A movie antidote to World War 1 jingoism reviewed


SCIENCE:    A Tribute to Neil Armstrong...or 'where's that f*****g

                 space elevator?                                Steve Arnott 



                         Graeme McIver on Thomas Muir of Huntershill

                         Ana Dreyfuss Quillon reviews Penny Dreadful

           Interview with Martin Chomsky, creator of the graphic

          novel version of The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists                    


And finally:     check out this excellent little video                


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