The Point
Issue No. 6 - Spring 2014 sky thinking for an open and diverse left

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       In Point Issue 6


                         Left Unity after the Referendum

                      Euro Elections - The Progressive Dilemma


 Issues:           Let's all get behind the COPS - Harvey Duke                     was at the launch of the Campaign Opposing Police                       Surveillance. 

                    Independence and the economy - time for                                     the front foot says Stevie Arnott

                     Building YES locallyToni Vastano tells                                                              one local group's story

                        Curious George and the case for Naw -

                                    Graeme McIver

                         Homelessness: Progressive Legislation 

                        for a Progressive Scotlandargues Kevin Kane

                       An Independence Red Herring Gregor Gall

                       Britain is for the Rich, Scotland can be

                                  Ours says Elizabeth MacDonald 

                        Paradigm Poll, Adrian Cruden on UKIP

                                   and the Euro elections

                      What the Frack..? asks Sean Robertson 

                      Derek Durkin - Can Scottish Labour                                              only be saved by Independence?


                      The Theory of Neuronal Group Selection

                                   Stevie Arnott

The Big Idea:     Achieving gender balance in the

                                      Parliament of an Independent Scotland 


                      Downfall of the Spanish Republic - Conor

                  Cheyne looks at the civil war within the civil war



                      Crisis in the Ukraine - Stephen L Mowat


                      Under the SkinAna Dreyfuss Quillon                                            reviews a cinematic sensation


                     The Dawning of a New Era - Graeme McIver

                  looks back at 2 tone and the Specials

                    Too Nice to Talk to - an interview with

                                Dave Wakeling of The English Beat


And last, but very definitely not least, our favourite

music/pisstake vid of the Indy campaign so far.

Take it away, Lady Alba!


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